Friday 23, 2022

As Ms. & Mr. KHS prepare for the exciting week ahead, here’s what students should expect for the week. Students can participate in Spirit Week dress-up days; students will also be busy working on their grades’ parade floats. The Homecoming Parade will be during seventh hour @ 2:30 p.m. Remember that the Kiefer football team plays Morris on Friday night; students are invited to go and cheer for their team. Here are some more details. 

Spirit Week Themes

  • Monday: Pajama Day
  • Tuesday: Neon
  • Wednesday: County vs. Country Club
  • Thursday: College Wear
  • Friday: Spirit Day 

Football Homecoming Court 2022

Mr. KHS: Nick Byrd

Mrs. KHS: Chaiden Adams

Senior Attendant: Remi Campbell

Senior Escort: Trent Buntin

Senior Attendant: Avery Kearney

Senior Escort: Connor McCarty

Senior Attendant: Ali Skelton

Senior Escort: Tate Rader

Junior Attendant: Mckenzie Hunter

Junior Escort: Jaxon Worley

Sophomore Attendant: Kammie Smith

Sophomore Escort: Cade Valois

Freshman Attendant: Zoe Burgess

Freshman Escort: Canaan Smith

Crownbearer: Avenue Cockrell

Crownbearer: Ace Chisty